University of Colorado Denver
ENTP 6862: Strategic Web Development
Spring 2013
Credit Hours: 3

Course Location: BSB 1200
Dr. Dawn Gregg
Office: Business School Building, Office 5100
Office Hours: TR 1:00-2:00 PM (other times by appointment)


Design and create a web presence that will support the purpose of the organization and help fuel the growth of the venture. Discover the importance of website visibility to new business operations. Learn how to best utilize search engines, social networks, blogs and other online tools to support and promote your business.

You will learn how to:


Course Materials

Required Texts:

Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML & CSS
3rd Edition
By Ian Lloyd
ISBN-10: 0987090852
ISBN-13: 978-0987090850


Online Marketing Inside Out

By Brandon Eley & Shayne Tilley
ISBN-10: 0980576822
ISBN-13: 978-0980576825


Required Tools:


We will be using a variety of tools in this course from tools that allow you to create and edit web pages to online tools (like Blogger & Twitter).

Some tools we will be using:

Weekly Activities

This class meets every three weeks on campus (see schedule below) and online alternating weeks. All lectures are available online for students who cannot attend class OR for weeks when the class meets online only.

Students need to log in to the course regularly to check announcements, participate in discussions and access course content. The number of times you will need to access the course depends on whether you are attending lectures or completing the week online. At a minimum every week students are responsible for completing the following tasks:

  • Read my weekly objectives and checklist on the week homepage. This gives an overview of activities to be completed in the coming week .
  • Read the weekly reading assignment before Tuesday.
  • Prepare 2 questions on the material and post them in the weekly Discussion center by Noon on Tuesday (I will select several of these questions to discuss in class on the weeks we have class).
    • If you attend class you will be asked to summarize the discussion on one of the questions and post the answer online at the conclusion of class.
    • If you do not attend class you will be asked to post a response to one question NOT discussed in class by Wednesday at midnight.
    • All students are then asked to respond to two comments / discussion summaries (not their own) on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Attend class every third Tuesday (see schedule below) OR Listen to, watch or read my lecture. This covers all of the new material we are learning for the week.
    • Lecture notes are available at least 2 weeks prior to the actual lecture.
    • Breeze recordings (audio & video) of my lectures can be watched live on Tuesday night OR accessed any time after my Tuesday night lecture.
    Each lecture is broken into 2 or 3 short segments and most weekly lectures last about an hour (although the Breeze recordings might be slightly longer because I cannot edit them down).
  • Check for any assignments or projects to be started/continued each week. Every week you should be working on either a short homework or a longer project/paper and you need to start these early so you have time to ask questions about them in the question & answer forum.
  • Go to the Question & Answer center several times throughout the week. I will answer/follow-up on questions that are discussed in class and give hints about the assignments there.

Course Policies

Late Work:

Projects and Assignments will not be accepted late. There will be group discussions regarding the assignments immediately after they are due and thus it is imperative that work be completed ON TIME Assignments received after the due date will receive a 0.

I do understand that sometimes work or other pressures make it difficult to submit an assignment on time - so I will accept up to one assignment late per student. Any work accepted late will be graded down a minimum of one full grade. In the case that you will not be able to complete work the week it will be due, please contact me prior to the due date to arrange an alternate due date for the assignment.

Exam Attendance:

Failure to take your exam at the scheduled time will result in a zero for the examination. In cases of extremely extenuating circumstances (i.e. documented circumstances clearly beyond the student's control) a make-up exam may be given.  However, the student must request the make-up exam in writing within 24 hours of the original exam date.

If you know in advance that you will not be able to attend an exam because of extenuating circumstances beyond your control you may request a make-up exam.  Requests for make-up exams must be made in writing at least 1 full week prior to the class section in which the exam is scheduled to be given. If the request for a make-up exam is approved, a make-up exam will then be scheduled.

24 hours prior to a scheduled make-up exam, it is the student's responsibility to confirm via email that they still plan on attending the make-up exam at the given date and time.  If the student no longer needs to take a make-up exam - the student must cancel the make-up exam via email 24 hours in advance of the scheduled make-up exam time.  Failure to attend a make-up exam will result in a 0 for the exam.

Academic Honesty:

All quizzes, tests, programs and papars are to be done individually unless otherwise specified.  All work submitted should include citations or other indications when other's work is included with your own. Academic Dishonesty is not tolerated and will result in a zero on the assignment and reporting of the incident to the Business School's Internal Affairs Committee. The following are considered Academic Dishonesty:


Course Design

Class will be a mixture of traditional/online lectures, readings, hands-on development and in-class/online discussion. I provide lecture notes each week which will be posted on eCollege. I want this class to be as positive a learning experience as possible for you, so would like to take this opportunity to clearly state my expectations of you.

Assessment Design

We will use multiple grading measures to give you opportunities to do well in the course. There will be two tests during the semsteer. In addition, you will do a semester long project which will involve designing and building a small company website as well as designing an online marketing strategy for the same company

Final Grades for this class will be based on your performance in class work & discussions, homework problems, two individual projects, a white paper, a midterm and a final exam. Weightings will be applied as follows:  

A: Class Participation/Online Discussions/Knowledge Survey
B: Homework/Projects 48%
C: Midterm Exam 20%
D: Final Exam 20%

Letter Grades are typically assigned as follows:

A        (4.0)          93% - 100%     superior/excellent
A-               (3.7) 90% - 92.999%      
B+ (3.3) 87% - 89.999%  
B (3.0) 83% - 86.999%            good/better than average
B- (2.7) 80% - 82.999%      
C+ (2.3) 77% - 79.999%  
C (2.0) 73% - 76.999% competent/average
C- (1.7) 70% - 72.999%      
D+ (1.3) 67% - 69.999%  
D (1.0) 63% - 66.999% minimum passing
D- (0.7) 60% - 62.999%  
F (0.0)   0% - 59.999% failing


Note: Grading policies of the CU Denver Business School state that the average GPA across all students in a graduate elective class should generally fall within the following range: 3.3 to 3.6 (B+) on a 4.0 scale.  Therefore, if necessary, the ranges above will be modified so the average GPA across all students in the class falls with in the recommended range.

Course Schedule

Week Reading Topics Assignment
1* Websites Ch. 1 Web Design Principles Assign 1: Design Document
Websites Ch. 2
Website Design Tools & HTML Basics
Assign 2: HTML
Websites Ch. 3
Introduction to CSS
Project 1: Home Page Design
Websites Ch. 4 CSS & Page Layout
Websites Ch. 5-6 Images & Tables Project 2: Site Implemetation
Websites Ch. 7 & 10
Forms & HTML 5

Websites Ch. 10 & 11
CSS3 & jQuery
Project 3: Expanding Your Site
8   Midterm Exam  
Websites Ch. 9 & 13

Testing & Publishing your site

Marketing Ch. 3 & 4
Analytics & SEO
Project 4:Testing & SEO
11 Marketing Ch. 1
Online Marketing
12 Marketing Ch 5
Websites Ch 8
Social Media Marketing

13* Marketing Ch 6 & 8
Email & Online Advertising
Project 5: Online Marketing Plan
14 Marketing Ch 2 & 9
Online PR & Strategy
15 Website Ch 14
Where to go from here
Knowledge Survey
16   Final Exam  

* We will meet in class this week

Readings are from:
Websites: Build Your Own Web Site The Right Way Using HTML & CSS
Marketing: Online Marketing Inside Out

Students with Disabilities

“The University of Colorado Denver is committed to providing reasonable accommodation and access to programs and services to persons with disabilities. Students with disabilities who want academic accommodations must register with Disability Resources and Services (DRS), North Classroom 2514, phone: 303 556-3450, TTY: 303 556-4766. I will be happy to provide approved accommodations, once you provide me with a copy of DRS’s letter.”

[DRS requires students to provide current and adequate documentation of their disabilities. Once a student has registered with DRS, DRS will review the documentation and assess the student’s request for academic accommodations in light of the documentation. DRS will then provide the student with a letter indicating which academic accommodations have been approved.]

Student Conduct Code

As members of the University community, students are expected to uphold university standards, which include abiding by state civil and criminal laws and all University policies and standards of conduct. Every student should review the Student Code of Conduct.

Student Success

Be Prepared: It is assumed that you will read the assigned chapters each week and you should allow plenty of time for experimenting and practicing web design.

Email: My courses can be difficult and often students get to places in their assignments where they need assistance. I encourage you to ask questions in class, office hours and via email. Always include the course number (ENTP 6862) and your name in the email. When asking a question via email please give me a specific question and attach your html code so I can see your problems for myself.

Succeeding Online: Learning online is both a great educational opportunity and challenge. Although you can better schedule your course time around your needs, you also must take a greater responsibility for managing your time and getting work done. The best way to succeed online is to stay on top of the course each week. I suggest you schedule 6-8 hours per week to handle the course work. This equates to roughly 3 hours of "in-class" time and 3-5 hours of homework time.